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Didge Si

This is the deepest journey into Si’s unique style that has ever been offered. After 25 years of playing didgeridoo Si has crystallized all the essential elements of his style into a 4 day workshop in Klarenbeek, the Netherlands.

Si’s style is based around rhythmic breathing patterns that develop abdominal strength and core power. This will be a deep journey where players learn techniques to overcome personal obstacles that inhibit their growth as didgeridoo players, with the intention to integrate body, breath and mind on a daily basis. This instrument can change your life!

This workshop will include over 12 hours of didgeridoo sessions, daily chi gung warm up, a group dream drone session and a private concert.

A unique opportunity to dive deeper than ever before into your instrument.

A musical astronaut, Si has developed a totally new style of playing didjeridu – mixing tight vocal percussive beats with phat didj bass grooves to create an awesomely textured sonic environment.

Within the 25 years he has been playing he has become one of the most respected didjeridu players in the World. He has toured Japan twice, Europe 6 times and the USA.
He is the first didjeridu player in history to have a contract with the world famous “Cirque du Soleil”.

Si featured in the discovery channel documentary “Yidaki” that was screened in 144 countries prior to the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

In addition to the Wild Marmalade albums and DVD
Si has available 2 solo Cds Innersense and Spirit.