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Workshops must be paid cash to the teacher before the beginning of the workshop!


Isolations Workshop by Lies Beijerinck 2019
This workshop is made for any level of Didgeridoo
We will start to look at the basic things, like lips,
tongue, cheeks, jaw and diaphragm (and with this
we will work on voice and projecting it).
In this workshop, we will learn to use these basic
techniques completely separate from one and the
It sounds easy, but you will find out, it is not!
For the more advanced players, we will also work on
different ways to make the toot. Toots made with
lips, tongue, belly and breathing in.
Furthermore, the multi-drone/drop-octave will also
have a focus point in this workshop.
Furthermore we will practice belly-breathing, jawbreathing,
tongue- and cheek-breathing, with the
most important focus of doing it in relaxation!!!
So then we can work on the 4-part wobble, this is
why we need to work on isolations and breathing, in
complete relaxation.
The last part, we will work on non-dronal sounds,
like human beat-box and air-drum.

The duration of this workshop is 3 hours.
The cost will be € 35,00 to be paid, in cash, to Lies at the start of the workshop.