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About the workshops:

I am not a very experienced didgeridoo player.

Thats's not a problem! Si will be able to separate the different levels so everybody will be able to get as much out of it as possible. But you do have to be able to circulair breath...

I don't have a Yidaki/didgeridoo can I still join?
Yes, we will have a number of yiḏaki/didgeridoo's at site! Probably even some for sale!

About the price:

How much does it cost?

The price for 4 days is € 470,-

What does it include?
This includes all workshops, camping, showers,breakfast, lunch and dinner and free tea and coffee all day.

What does it exclude?
It does not include beverages (we will sell, soda's, juses, beer and wine for a reasonable price)
Transport to the site.
Any other thing that's not on the program.

About the accomodation:

Where is it?

The campsite is at:
Scherpenberg 8a
7381 AH

Can I get there by public transport?
Yes! Busses run every hour from Apeldoorn Central Station.
Check 9292ov for more details.
Transport to/from campsite to/from railwaystation Klarenbeek can be arranged for some additional costs.
If you need more help; just contact us

What should I bring?

You're yidaki/didgeridoo
And, since the weather in Holland is a bit unpredictable...:

Warm clothing
A good/warm sleepingbag
So everything to stay fresh and warm.

Some money to have a drink.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us !!!