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Ruud and Marga Verhoef are going to be our hosts for the weekend. They have a nice and spacious garden where we can set up our camp! There will be a big Tipi, with a fire place. We are allowed to use their hot shower and toilet. Also there will be possibilities to conduct the workshops away from wind and rain if neccesery. So bassicaly we have everything sorted!!!

Note: Ruud and Marga don't run a professional camping! They provide us with what they have out of love for the instrument/culture! So please respect their domain and it's surroundings and try to keep it as clean and peacefull as you found it!!

Food will be catered by Jan Willem de Visser, a proffesional cook who use to run his own restaurant near Montlucon, France. We are very happy that Jan Willem offered to show his outstanding cooking skills during this weekend, because after a long day of learning and playing it's very important to take care of our inner body! 

On site will be a small bar with soda's, juses, beer and wine so you won't dry out from thurst! Prices will be around €1,- per consumption. Coffee and tea will be freely available all the day!

If you have special dietary needs please let us now at you're subscribtion!!!